Servicing my heating system

I heat and cool my home with a forced air system which relies on ductwork.  About six months ago, I read an article that said the average home loses 25% of heating and cooling energy through inefficient duct systems.  Since I was unhappy with the cost of my monthly utility wills, I hired a local HVAC contractor to perform a duct system test. The technician introduced pressurized air into the duct system and then measured airflow at different locations within the system.  From this process, he was able to determine flow rates, the amount of leakage, and location of the leaks. The technician then provided a detailed report which recommended duct sealing. I expected a lengthy, messy and expensive project which would probably require tearing into walls.  Instead, the job was completed in a few hours, with no disruption to my home. The technician sealed off all vents and registers, and once again sent pressurized air into the duct system. The air contained adhesive particles, and as those particles exited through holes and cracks, they gradually built up and created a seal.  The HVAC technician then tested the integrity of the duct system again, verifying the success of the sealing. Now that a large portion of the heated and cooled air is no longer escaping through leaks in the ductwork, the furnace and air conditioner more easily achieve perfect comfort. Shorter running costs have trimmed down my monthly bills.  Less wear and tear on components will hopefully increase reliability and lengthen service life. My house warms up or cools down far more quickly, and there are no unpleasant hot or cold spots. I’ve noticed less moisture, dust, fumes, and contaminants inside the home, and the air certainly feels fresher.

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