That was so much fun

When I decided to go into real estate a few years ago, I had no idea that I would acquire a working knowledge of building trades along the way. I thought selling homes would mainly make use of my people and marketing skills. Turns out, I have a head for much more. I’ve been consulting for a few of the developers in the area and really enjoy the work. I’ve created a sideline with investors looking to flip houses. When I spot a distressed property I know just who to call to get a potential sale going, and they, in turn, hire me to handle the post-renovation sale. It’s amazing how quickly the experienced flipper can have a property ready to go back on the market. They know exactly where to start and what to spend money on. One of the best returns on investment is replacing an old furnace in a central heating system with a new, more efficient, gas furnace. This can offset volatile energy prices that seem to be a fact of life now, which I use as a major selling feature with buyers. Money aside, the newer gas furnaces pollute less and produce heat more steadily. It makes for a more comfortable living environment. Buyers love that. Some of the newer homeowners worry that gas furnaces are going to end up being difficult to maintain in the long run. They don’t realize that gas is the most common heating fuel and most new central heating systems use gas. Any good HVAC company can stay on top of your unit if you get an HVAC service plan. The cost of an HVAC service plan can usually be recouped by the lower fuel bills over the life of the furnace. This makes a big impact on buyers.

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