What a great heater

Our daughter and son-in-law invited us to go with a group of their friends to a comedy club across town.  We thought is would be fun and planned on meeting them there. The club is located on the basement level of an old brick building and we were surprised by the fact that it was freezing cold.  Normally, businesses make sure to have a working HVAC system as they are open to the public. We live in region with very unpredictable weather patterns and without quality HVAC systems, buildings can be downright miserable. Anyway, the show was taking place around the end of april and normally we would have temperatures in the 50’s at night.  That night, however, was on 30 degrees. When we realized that the club was so cold we left our coats on throughout the entire evening. The comics even made reference to those of us that were still bundled up. About half way through the performance there was a sudden shift in temperature. I started feeling very warm and flushed. I looked around and I wasn’t the only one, others were removing their coats too. During intermission the announcer told us that the HVAC system was acting up a bit and apologized for the change in temperature.  I really didn’t mind because at least I was warm at that point. My husband decided to go ask about the HVAC system and see if he could help out. You see, he is an HVAC technician and, like a doctor, can’t seem to see a “patient” suffering. The system that they had was pretty simple and he was able to make some adjustments the following day for them. He was kind enough to do it for the price of a few admission tickets which helped them out a lot too.