I did have a good idea

There’s nothing like a spooky Halloween party! I love this time of year as it is, since the weather finally cools down, the leaves change, and I can wear a three-piece suit without sweating through the clothes! It’s also enjoyable because of, well – you guessed it! Halloween is my favorite holiday as I can dress up however I want, and no one will say anything besides “cool costume”! While I always go for something spooky, my buddy Jason has this theme every year. Instead of some fictional superhero or scary goblin creature, Jason always wears a costume that’s based on someone that played a big part of the year for him, for better or worse! Last year, Jason came to the Halloween party dressed up as an HVAC repair technician. He went all out, too! Aside from the matching uniform, he had a wound up bundle of refrigerant tubing hanging from his shoulder, a set of gloves strapped to his belt, an amp meter in his pocket and a temperature gun in a holster! The highlight of his costume was his “character”, as he told everyone at the party to change their air filter when they get home! I was in stitches, because the looks he got from partygoers were just too much! At one point, I approached Jason and brought up the costume. “I’m assuming you were able to get your home’s A/C system repaired?” I asked, and Jason simply said “No – all I had to do was replace the air filter!” Well, no wonder he was using that as his ice-breaker all night!

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