The utility bill is a monster

I don’t remember being so mouthy as a kid growing up in my parents home.  My father is a former marine. As I remember it, somebody would have gotten belted had they sassed my old man.  Manners and respect were a high priority in his household. And, I think my siblings and I are probably better off because of it.  That’s why I find all the squabbling and back talk in my house to be somewhat disturbing. The children feel free to express themselves anyway they choose.  My wife puts up with it so, I’m trying to not openly oppose her. I even went so far as to bringing in a professional to help solve one of our greatest problems.  That professional was the HVAC man. The problem was everybody fighting over the thermostat for temperature control. It has become a never ending argument. The boys are too hot and the girls are too cold.  Instead of finding a way to come to some sort of compromise, the fighting just gets louder. I had the HVAC man in to provide a solution to this idiocy. He most certainly did give me an option which would please everybody involved.  Zoned HVAC was the answer. The HVAC man was able to use some electronic dampers with a set of switches to give us zoned air throughout the house. Now, every section of the house has its own independent thermostat. The temperature can now be customized for practically each room in the house.  Man, I hope this ends the worst of the fighting. If it doesn’t, this Dad may have to lower the boom on his children. Much like an old marine I know.

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