Hearing from the people there

I love my husband.  He is a sweet, kind man who has done nothing but support and love me throughout our marriage.  My man has never treated me like anything but his equal partner in life. While, at the same time, encouraging and supporting me to be my best self.  Well, now he has retired and spends much of his time volunteering. We split the household duties now. He likes the inside stuff and I love the outdoor chores.  The yard has become sort of my domain. I am finally able to do to a yard what I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve created a bit of a zen type green area. Everything just kind of flows together in harmony.  Now, even the HVAC looks great. I have always hated that outdoor component. The one with the fan. My husband created a buffer zone around this HVAC component so vegetation would not gum up the works. But, in doing so, he kind of created a sore thumb.  The HVAC fan thing just sat there exposed to the world. So, I set out to fix that. And boy, do I wish I hadn’t. I found the most darling cover to go over the outside HVAC box. Had I known they even existed, I would have gotten one years ago. The item description explained how the cover was ideal for covering this HVAC component during the winter.  Since we live in an area with a super mild winter, I thought this would be great. I did not realize how expensive a mistake I was making. It appears the HVAC unit outside needs gobs of air to function properly. My cover kind of choked out the heating and cooling unit. I hope I don’t lose my job as supervisor of all things outdoors.

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