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Okay, so right now the craziest thing is happening to me. I’m right in the middle of a big court case regarding a HIPAA risk management plan violation. And I wasn’t even the person with the violation! Unfortunately, someone in my department at work was, and I have to go into court every day until it’s my turn to testify. I recently found out that the penalty for not being HIPAA compliant can be fees that add up to more than $40,000! Can you believe that? And that’s not even for the total cost of the HIPAA violation. That’s per violation! What this means is that if someone in your company violates HIPAA codes and regulations, they are going to be in major trouble. They may even cost the company so much money that it might even go bankrupt. If the HIPAA breach happens after your HR department has already completed HIPAA risk management training, and then someone neglects to follow proper procedure and someone’s confidential information gets out, then the fines are going to be astronomical. And, on top of that, if it’s found that the HIPAA code violation was due to gross negligence, the person could even end up with jail time! I’m really hoping that my colleague isn’t found guilty on these charges, but I do know that he should’ve followed the HIPAA privacy laws the way that he was trained to do in our HIPAA risk management seminars. I guess if he has to pay major fines and do some time in jail, it’s no one’s fault but his own.

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