I know we need the boiler

My house is big, nearly two hundred years old, and difficult to heat.  There is no ductwork installed into the walls, making a forced air system far too expensive and invasive to install.  When my husband and I remodeled our living room, we decided to invest in a natural gas fireplace. The gas fireplace provides a great deal of heat while actually adding to the aesthetics of the room.  While I’m extremely happy with the gas fireplace, the installation project was aggravating. We hired a general contractor to replace the windows, bring the electrical wiring up to code and put up fresh drywall.  My husband and I handled the clean up and painting, but required a licensed HVAC contractor to design and implement the fireplace. After that, we used a local carpet company to install the rug. I needed to coordinate the scheduling of the general contractor, HVAC technician and carpet guy, and hoped to get everything completed quickly.  Once the walls were up, my husband and I took a day off from work to get everything cleaned up and painted, because the HVAC contractor was scheduled to arrive the following day. The rug was supposed to be installed the day after that. Unfortunately, the HVAC technician never called and never showed up. I then needed to postpone the installation of the rug.  Since I was spending a small fortune on the gas furnace and anxious to get moved back into my living, I was not happy. When I finally got a hold of the HVAC technician on the phone, I made sure he understood how angry I was.

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