I knew I needed that

Because of my family’s hectic lifestyle, a smart thermostat was a necessity.  Between work, school, and extracurricular activities, our schedule constantly changes, and we always seem to be coming and going.  It’s impossible to remember to adjust the thermostat before we head out the door. Plus, no one wants to come back to a house that’s either freezing cold or horribly overheated.  With the smart thermostat, we have access to the heating and cooling equipment through an app on our smartphones. Whether we’re running late or heading home early, it’s easy to make an adjustment to the thermostat setting.  The smart thermostat not only ensures a more comfortable home, but saves us a great deal on monthly energy bills. The furnace and air conditioner aren’t needlessly running to maintain perfect temperature in an empty house. The smart thermostat also helps me to take better care of the heating and cooling equipment.  I get text message reminders when it’s time to schedule regular maintenance or change the air filters. If there’s an issue with the heating or cooling system, the thermostat will even notify my regular HVAC contractor. It keeps track of when and how we use energy and provides energy saving tips. When we first installed the thermostat, it learned our typical behavior and built a schedule accordingly.  It now automatically adjusts temperature when we typically go to bed at night, get up in the morning, leave for the day, and return. Although the smart thermostat was rather expensive, the convenience and cost saving opportunities make it totally worth the investment.

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