How amazing!

Recently, I became an intern at a veterinary clinic. This is my absolute passion to work with animals and I am grateful for this experience! Well the other day we had a bit of a crisis. The HVAC system inside of the clinic actually broke down in the middle of the day! This was an absolute nightmare and the people and the animals were totally suffering in this awful situation! Everyone was so busy and they asked me to please contact the HVAC company right away so we could take care of this issue stat! I thought about it for a second and thought I could do one better. My brother happened to be a professional HVAC technician and I knew he wasn’t working that day! Instead of calling just any HVAC company where the technician would take a long while to get out to our clinic, I called my brother. He said he would be there right away. I know that my brother shares a love for animals just like I do, except he didn’t go down the path to be a veterinarian. He got to our clinic in only 20 minutes with his tools ready to go. I showed him to the HVAC equipment and he got to work. I was so proud of my brother because he was able to fix the A/C in roughly 15 minutes. When he had that A/C cranking, everyone cheered for him! Of course all of the staff members were busy with these poor suffering animals, but they still provided him their thanks. Later on when they talked to me about the HVAC technician, they asked me if I knew him. I bragged and said that was my brother!

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