I know my uncle can help

There isn’t much worse than waking up cold in the middle of a frigid night.  Maybe you can just pull the covers up more to warm yourself. However, if your furnace has let you down, there will be more needed to heat your home than blankets.  Maybe your furnace is just working poorly, instead of not at all. Either way, without a well-working furnace in a frigid winter, you are going to need much more than a warm body and extra blankets to keep you warm at night.  To get that furnace warming your house again, first double-check that the thermostat is set to “on”. As an HVAC provider, I’ve arrived more than once to a home to fix a heater, only to find that the thermostat is in the incorrect setting. It may sound obvious, but you have to check your thermostat to know what’s happening to your heater, and always start with the simple things. Especially if you call for an HVAC appointment.  If we show up at your house for a heater check in the freezing cold, you will receive an HVAC repair bill. So check your thermostat first before calling. Also, before you call a heating and cooling professional, be sure and check those batteries in your thermostat. If you’ve had the same batteries in that thermostat for a while, go ahead and change them. In fact, schedule a date to change out the thermostat batteries on a regular basis.  That way, your thermostat won’t fail you over such a minor issue. Believe me, we will check that thermostat also, and bill you accordingly for an HVAC repair visit, so please check the obvious.

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