Fiddling with the thermostat

Last week, my husband and I were invited to go along with a group of friends to a show of new comedians.  We really thought we would have a great time there, so we decided to meet them at the club. It was cold outside, and we thought that it would be warm inside, even though the actual club was in the basement of an old commercial building.  Anyplace I had ever been that was open for general admission, had always had an excellent heating and air conditioning system. See as how we live in an area where the weather is always fluctuating, without HVAC, the temperatures inside can be quite questionable.  When we got to the venue, the inside temperature was almost as cold as the outside, and that night it was in the thirties. I felt a bit foolish keeping my coat on, but I looked around and noticed that I wasn’t the only one. There was a bit of heckling from the comedian about those of us were dressed like eskimos, but it was good natured.  When we broke for an intermission, the HVAC must have turned back on, because there was a blast of heat that had everyone removing their coats. My husband, being a veteran HVAC contractor, asked the manager if there was anything he could do to help with the HVAC. They said there had been some trouble for a while now, and it seemed to always go way up and way down in temperature.  My husband fiddled with the thermostat, which made a little difference, and he promised to return the next day to repair the HVAC.

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