Talking with my friends

Since I have known her, my longtime BFF and I have done so much together. Consequently, when college came around, both of us enrolled in the same university, and it was a no brainer that we’d room together! In addition to sharing the same residing quarters, my bestie and I also majored in the same subject: physics. An awfully difficult subject to some, but both of us both found it to be intriguing to our mathematical minds; Once we completed our first year’s worth of requirements successfully, she and I decided to branch out a and enhance our knowledge of physical matter and energy, by taking a week-long class on the subject of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C air ventilation and circulation…

              We took a special interest in taking the class, which would be held only on the weekends, due to the warm temperatures both we were enduring daily! While going through the course, both of us l acquired a good deal of meaningful material; but, the thing that stood out most was the discussion on the utility of and the respective differences between air registers and air vent grills. While both serve the purpose of operating as duct vent covers, air registers include a built-in valve called a “damper” that permits a user/operator to open/close it in order to control the amount of airflow into or out of a particular room.

              With this newfound knowledge, we were now able to apply it to our everyday, personal lives by not only being able to tell the difference between both items but also to ensure the air vent registers that were set up around the house weren’t blocking any much needed airflow to our respective living rooms. After all, with the type of climate we lived in, we needed all the cooled air both of us could get.