The floor plan is quite big

I just moved in my girlfriend Kate and her fuzzy dog. I did not realize how horrible dogs were until Kate’s idiot dog moved in. First, the dog barks constantly. All night long and super early in the morning, the dog will be barking. I can hardly get any sleep. Second, the dog makes it so Kate and I can’t go anywhere. We always have to get back to feed, walk and water that stupid dog. Lastly and the worst, is that the dog sheds hair all over the place. The rug, couch and bed are covered in the dog’s hair.

                  Kate vacuums everyday, but there is still hair all over. I noticed that the hair is affecting the performance of my HVAC unit. I used to clean the air filter once a month. There would be a little bit of dust and debris. I can then reuse the air conditioning filter with no issue for a few months. With the dog, I need to change the HVAC filter every two weeks. The air filter gets clogged with that much hair. Also, I can’t even dream of rescuing that same air filter. I usually can’t get rid of all of the hair. So I have to buy a completely new filter every single time. Not only is it a pain, but it is getting quite expensive.

                 I also have to do other HVAC maintenance tasks. I need to clean out the inside of the HVAC system more often too. My HVAC tune ups cost way more and my HVAC technician is saying my HVAC won’t last as long. It is all because of that horrible. 

HVAC system