I did want help here

Anytime I research something online, it follows me around for months. I bought my boyfriend sunglasses for Christmas one year, years later and I still get ads for sunglasses. I get targeted for shoes, shampoos and birth control since I am a woman too. The newest ad that follows me is for new HVAC systems. I made the mistake of doing a lot of HVAC research. I needed to update my old HVAC system. It was rusty, dented and barely functional. I wanted a new centralized heating and cooling unit. I did the research on the right size and model. I also looked up benefits of central vs ductless mini splits. I then found the thermostat that could hook to the system and work the best. After all of that research, I then called the local HVAC business and got my HVAC. I immediately had the HVAC installed and now all is good. The HVAC ads are still pounding me though. I am getting ads for HVAC systems, HVAC installations and getting seasonal HVAC tune ups. Sometimes I get them for specific HVAC providers and products, most of the time it is just general HVAC targeting. Is there a button or way I can tell my computer that I already have the HVAC? I want the ads to know that I already bought the HVAC and I am all set. No need to target me now. I am the least likely person to buy another HVAC unit at this point. Try someone who hasn’t searched HVAC systems a week ago.

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