Enjoying the comedy event

I like going to comedy clubs, so when I was invited to join a bunch of friends to go to one, I was really excited.  We had made plans to meet at the club, and I knew we were going to have a blast. Since the comedy club is located in the basement of an old warehouse, I knew it would be cool, so I wore a sweater under my coat.  I was really glad that I had brought the sweater, but I was even happier that I had a coat. It was so cold in the club that I couldn’t take my coat. The HVAC must not have been working, because at least half of the patrons had their coats on.  The comedian made some comments about all of us who were ready to take flight if he were too bad, so it just added more fuel to his routine. Ten minutes later, the heating turned on, and it got way to hot. Everyone was taking off their coats. My boyfriend is a HVAC repairman, and he had met me at the club.  He went up to the manager and he asked if there was something wrong with the furnace, and offered his help. The manager said they had been having difficulties with the furnace for a couple of days, but the building superintendent couldn’t get them any service. My boyfriend offered his assistance, and he was able to get some heating for the rest of the night, and he returned to complete the job on the furnace, the next day.  We had free passes for the next year.