Our heater is fantastic

My Grandpa was 1 of the original Heating in addition to A/C professionals.  She thought it was so cool when she was able to go into someone’s beach house and offer them air conditioner.  A lot of people hadn’t even experienced air conditioner in stores or in theatres, let alone in their homes. Back then, to put air conditioner in a beach house was only for rich people.  My Grandpa was finding ways for all the people to have AC. They lived in the deep south and she felt that air conditioner should not just be a luxury, however it should be a option of whether you wanted and not if you could afford it.  She began to figure out ways to make air conditioner more affordable, and she soon had a smaller, portable system that she could offer to the regular lady. It was still pricey, but she made it affordable. She made it so people would be able to make affordable payments to him.  She financed everything through himself, while buying the AC units with her own money. Grandpa wasn’t rich, but she had enough money to help the people who wanted it. Soon, nearly all the people in her small neighborhood had an air conditioner in their home. Mostly, they were portable and able to be taken from  room to room, however occasionally they were more care about the modern AC units. She undoubtedly made a difference in her small area. I guess that I am not the only 1 who remembers him fondly,. The world needs a lot more Grandpa’s in it. There wouldn’t be so several grumpy people out there.

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