Did not understand a/c

When I first moved to the west, my family came to visit myself and others for Christmas. They were all from the east and not even sort of knowledgeable with air conditioning. They never needed to keep their lake house cool. So, knowing my lake house came with central air conditioning, it was surprise for them. They wanted to know how my air conditioning system system would turn on. They wanted to know how the HVAC contractor set up the cooling unit. Anytime I talked about the AC situation to them, they were all listening real carefully. None of them had ever been out of eastern states before though. Not only had they never seen a apartment with central air cooling, but they had never felt air conditioning in a whole house before. My family was wowed at how spectacular the cooling system was. It worked honestly well, was powerful and looked super neat on the wall. It was the best air conditioning system system for this sort of weather. The most knowledge with cooling my family had was with window units for air conditioning plan. They only use the portable air conditioning system a few times in the Summer. My father had thought that was the only way to have air conditioning system. Then my crew got into a whole chat about HVAC ducts. Every one of us talked about air duct set up, cleaning and sealing as well. My mother wanted to know all about cleaning them. How weird is that?

a/c expert