the air conditioner won’t cool down

We took a long trip to the beach on a sunny Summer afternoon. We packed up our car with our towels, swimsuits, sunblock, and of course, the cooler.  It was around 72 degrees at 10 in the morning. We left early for the beach just so we could be there all day. We also did not want to show up when the beach was already packed; On our way there, we rolled down the windows instead of using the air conditioner. The weather felt mild enough to avoid running the car’s cooling system. That way we could conserve gas and take advantage of the fresh air. When we arrived at  the beach, the temperature had climbed up to nearly 90 degrees. There was just a slight breeze from the ocean. The sky was cloudless, and there was nothing but pure blue sky. The sun was shining and making us tan. On the way home, we were forced to run the air conditioning system the whole way. Tt took a little while for the air from the vents to get chilly and cool us off. Once it did, the car was so enjoyable and comfortable. Our skin was a little red and slowly starting to cool down.  Our skin also felt dry from the ocean salt and suntan lotion. We rode the whole way with the air conditioner running on full blast. We kept the vents aimed at our upper bodies, and my sister actually fell asleep. We hurried into the house, where the air conditioner was running and creating a cool and relaxing space.