Love having the a/c in the hot weather

On July 4th, my husband and I took four kids to the lake for the weekend.  We hoped to stay on the boat the whole time. We typically enjoy swimming, water skiing and eating a picnic on the boat. It was especially humid and hot that afternoon, and I made sure to pack lots of sunblock.  The temperature had already climbed up to 85 degrees with high relative humidity by the time we headed out in the morning. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, and not much relief from the breeze. Once we arrived at the lake, we spent almost an hour launching the boat and unpacking.  By the end of it, the whole family was covered in sweat and feeling very overheated. We took the boat out on the water and while we were moving, the breeze cooled us off. We eventually put down the anchor in order to go swimming, and the heat caught up with us. There is obviously no air conditioner on the boat, so we were anxious to jump into the lake. The cold water felt amazing, plus was crystal clear.  After we were tired of swimming, we started wishing we had access to air conditioning. I coated the four kids with sunblock and we drove the boat to a dock near several restaurants. The sun was simply too much to take. Instead of sandwiches from the cooler on the boat, we one of the restaurant accessible from the water in order to take advantage of the air conditioning. The cool air from the vents felt wonderful.  After that, we took the kids to a movie. The theater was also air conditioned and pleasantly cool. We only headed back to the boat once the sun was a bit lower in the sky and the outside temperature had cooled off. We no longer needed air conditioning and were able to head out on a long boat ride.

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