The metal and heating

Everyone of us have some metal Parts on our bodies. Every one of us get older + worry about cold weather. Every one of us have metal that makes our skin and bones even colder. Everyone of us recently had knee surgery, which has us now feeling very cold. It certainly seems like the temperature has gone down more than one degree since the surgery, plus the furnace in our Lake condo has not been working well. Every one of my friends plus myself can feel the extreme cold. Every one of my friends plus myself have been adjusting the furnace thermostat, two more than one degree warmer than we would normally have. My knees ache a lot, plus my elbows don’t feel any better. Even my shoulders are starting to feel awful. When everyone of my friends plus myself were certainly more than one year of age, we fell while ice skating. Those metal pins in our shoulders feel just like an ice sickle in the winter. Every one of my friends plus myself have to have the furnace temperature set more than one degree above 70 in order to be warm. It’s just like the metal inside of our body is there to conduct cold. And it certainly seems like the furnace should make us warmer, despite the temperatures appearing outside. The cold just radiates around our body, and spreads cold air on our spine. Many people laugh about getting old, but it is clear that these changes are going to have detrimental effects to my family plus myself.

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