Cooling while in jury duty

I was stuck with having to go to jury duty once. Like every other woman who’s had jury duty, it came at an awful time in my life… I really had issues being able to go. But, the alternative was to end up in jail for not adhering to the mandates of serving on a jury, but the following week, I arrived at the courthouse in my suit, and waited patiently to be called in for the questioning, as well as to determine if I was suitable for the jury, however while I stood in the lobby of the courthouse, I couldn’t help but notice how cool and comfortable it was inside the building! It felt as if there was numerous air vents blowing on me at once, no matter where I stood in there! There was one thing to be over the moon about, I believe – but I was still missing work to be here. Eventually I was called back for questioning, and then thankfully I was dismissed from the case; On the way out, I noticed the air quality had significantly dropped off, as well as it was now much warmer and a bit stuffy inside the courthouse. Confused, I asked one of the security guards at the entrance if they noticed the major change in temperatures inside the building, then they agreed, and said that the building’s heating and air conditioning system is not working right. They continued to say that the Heating, Ventilation and A/C units will either blow cold air at the highest output possible, or it won’t let anything out at all. It must be getting old, having to work in a place like the courthouse and have to deal with shoddy air conditioning!

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