Complaints on our a/c

Something about doing math homework just puts my kid in an exhausting mood, then it doesn’t matter what time of day she goes to start doing it, either; And it also doesn’t matter if the weather outside is nice or if the temperature is freezing cold. It doesn’t matter if I put her in front of the fireplace even! Nope, it just doesn’t matter what my hubby and I do – she’s always in a bad mood when it’s time to do math. I can’t really say that I blame her, though. I hate math too. Well the other day I accidentally found out how to get her to get her math done without complaining. It sounds crazy, but since the weather outside had been cooling off, I had turned the temperature control thermostat up plus the heating system just happened to be kicking on right at the exact same time that my kid sat down with her long division homework, then she was laying right next to the heating vents, and when the hot air started coming out of the air vents as well as blowing onto her feet and her back, she got all cozy and warm. And then instead of complaining about her math, she just sat there and did it! When the heating went off, she instantaneously starting whining about doing math. So I went back over to the temperature control thermostat and turned the heating back on. And she stopped whining again then got back to work! I was so over the moon that I had found an answer to the dreaded math homework situation that I turned the temperature control thermostat up to maximum heating as well as left it there until she was done with the whole thing!

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