The central ac device

I had the best afternoon ever with my family at this theme park down South! The park was full of all these characters from cartoons that my spouse and I watched growing up, and the park itself had landmarks we easily recognized, too! While our kid is far too young to certainly remember any of it, we opted to go and take him along for some cute pictures with cast members that were dressed up and acting in character. The only negative of the trip was a constant need to be in an air conditioned space! See, we live far down South as it is, so the weather is generally tepid hot all year long. The weather is also absolutely humid, so a cool mist doesn’t do much to cool you down for long! Since the only real relief came from walking into gift shops, indoor attractions and other areas with central air conditioning, that’s just what we had to do… Obviously we couldn’t do many of the rides at the park with our son, so we were satisfied with seeing indoor shows, or doing meet and greets with cast members. The air conditioning in those attractions was incredible, and often left us freezing enough to like being in the Summer heat while outside for a little while. Then the we would overheat again, and need to find some shade, if not a little store to saunter in for a little while! It was a little discouraging to keep scrambling for some kind of air conditioned space, but it was the only low point in an otherwise magical trip to the theme park. I can’t wait until we go in the winter, because our kid should be old enough to remember parts of the trip by then! Plus, it’ll be much cooler outside, so we can certainly like the park’s outdoor attractions.

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