The heating system add on

I had a big debate with some co-workers the other day, of all things, the subject matter pertained to what heating system is the best, and why… Thrilling stuff, right? Anyhow, I firmly know that radiant floor heating is the best heating approach of all. Radiant heating allows people to heat their homes from the floor up, use a fraction of the energy used by conventional heating appliances, and do all this without making a sound! Meanwhile, one coworker told me her furnace was the best, as it produced the most heat of any heating unit out there… She insisted that the extra energy was worth it if she could warm up faster than I could! She had a good point. Then, this older woman that works with us came in and had said that her fireplace was the be-all end-all heating system to go with. We all were puzzled, but we really wanted to hear her logic, but when we asked why, this older gentleman said it was simply because a fireplace doesn’t require electricity, or running warm water! All a fireplace needs is tinder as well as fuel, and also to use chopped wood can serve both purposes! She finally concluded that a fireplace is the best heating system, as it will be the only one available in a post-apocalypse scenario where there is no running water or electricity. That was a pretty unlikely thing, so it was hard for us to say she had solid or good points! Still, I assume a combination of all several appliances would create the most effective heating system available! I’m not sold on the fireplace though – I suppose that will need to come in time. I guess it will be.