Heating system installed

My daughter agreed to help me install our new heater this weekend. It’s going to be an incredibly simple installation, and see, my hubby and I have been reading about radiant floor heating, and how it’s supposed to be incredibly energy-efficient for people who live in climates that aren’t constantly below freezing! We live in the middle of the coast, so we get a good mix of all seasons, especially some cold weather for a few weeks! This radiant heated floors should be just what we need, and installation should only take a day. We’ve already pulled the carpet flooring up, so the first step will be installing the electrical heat cables that will generate the heat used in this radiant heated floor system, but after the cables are laid down and linked with the temperature control thermostat designated for the oil furnace, we’ll cover the cables in this heat-conductive, rubber-like material that will allow us to set an actual flooring design atop the heating cables; Once that’s settled in, we just have to put the faux wood vinyl in place over the material. When in use, the heat will naturally rise up from the ground level, adjusting the warmth of the house from the floor up! No ductwork is needed, plus no centralized oil furnace is necessary. All in all, the materials and flooring set us back far less than installing a brand new central oil furnace prefer a oil furnace or heat pump, but as well, the money we’ll save on our utility bills makes the installation save money for itself over time! I can’t wait to install this system!

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