HVAC equipment and the cars

My child loves playing with cars! From when she was a baby, she loves learning about how they work, from the engine to transmission to the onboard tablet, and one of her favorite things to learn in a car, of all things, is the vehicle’s heating and cooling system! It blows her mind that on top of being a moveation tool that can play tunes, it can even keep the passengers comfortably warm or cool, regardless of the temperature outside. One afternoon, she asked me about how the Heating and Air Conditioning system in a car can cool or moderate the car within hours, but the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system in our home can take an hour or more! I thought that was pretty sharp of her to notice such a thing. I explained that the car’s engine provides power to several of the car’s other functions, so the more the engine is working, the more power it’s providing to the rest of the devices! That’s why it gets so cool in my car as we’re driving on the highway, for real. She thought that was amazing. “If the engine makes it work so well, why can’t we all use engines for the air conditioner at home?” She asked, and in return I smiled and laughed. “Well”, I said,  “if everyone used engines for their home’s power, there’d be a bunch of smoke in the air all the time!” Just wait, and she’ll ask myself and my wife if electric cars can heat or cool the home oo the car at the same speed!

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