No HVAC to speak of

My friends daughter just got married.  I felt for our friend on a number of levels.  It was hard to watch as she gave her baby away.  There were tears in her eyes and her hand were shaking like crazy. It dang near made myself and others cry.  I guess how hard she has worked to bring that little girl up the right way. She has worked at a tough, uncelebrated job for years just to see her family had everything they needed.  And now her little girl is leaving the nest for good. Much of her work as a father is complete. Yet, it was a beautiful ceremony with all the trappings. Very classy however also subtle and real.  The reception was held in a nearby hotel, so everyone piled in their cars for the short drive over. The event room in the hotel was decorated affectionately. And the food, drink and music was superb. However, I felt exhausting for our neighbor again because the Heating and Air Conditioning just sort of sucked.  The locale was so steamy, I had to get up to go outside every two hours. I was joined by much of those attending the reception. My buddy implored the management to lower the Heating and Air Conditioning setting. All they could say was it was Tuesday so there was not an engineer on the property. An engineer? It really takes an engineer?  I went to the front desk and asked for the general manager’s iPhone number. Even though they were hesitant to give it up, I finally got him on the horn. I didn’t exactly read him the riot act but I assured him it would be in her best interest to get somebody here pronto. At last, a facilities worker showed up to get the a/c unit on. It took him all of 2 hours.  How does the manager of convention sales not guess how to turn down the a/c unit?

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