New HVAC situation

I’ve just moved to a new area.  My business transferred me. I’m now in a neighborhood I’ve never been in with entirely no average faces.  Just the being jerked up and hurled across the country is shock enough to the system. There comes settling into a new position at work while figuring out where I am.  Nothing is typical at all. The accents are different. The people are totally different. And the weather is blowing our mind. I’m from the left coast so am typical with easy weather. As of now, I’m in the northeast and trying to figure out how to keep myself warm. The place that I obtained has an old Heating and Air Conditioning gas furnace which is ready to provide out.  I knew this going in because I negotiated the price based on replacing the entire heating and cooling unit. I just thought I could get through the first Winter time with the old gas furnace. It turns out, that was not to be. In fact, within the first 6 weeks, it became obvious a up-to-date heating unit was necessary. With that being said, I had no plan who to call or who to trust with such a important decision. To start, I went online to check the Heating and Air Conditioning companies who had been in business the longest time.  I then took that list and began referencing all their credentials. I also checked all their reviews and referrals. Out of all of these lists, I settled on numerous prospective candidates. I set up appointments with all of them. The first two were a disappointment, for seperate reasons. One was late, dirty and disorganized. The other did nothing but attempt to petrify me into buying what she wanted to sell me. The third person was fine but not entirely super professional. Finally, I found a woman on the last try. She noted off all the right boxes for a trusted, credentialed Heating and Air Conditioning professional. If she could just recommend a nice diner.

HVAC contractor