Pool in the summer

Every single year growing up as kids, my parents would take us all to the waterpark on the weekends during the summer season.  Since all of us weren’t near any lakes or pools, plus particularly a solid four hundred miles away from any ocean, our parents thought it would be great to get passes to the local water park as a solution.  I was regularly a immense fan of the towering slides plus could never get enough of the big adrenaline rush I was extra sure to get as my body zipped down those plastic tubes appreciate a bullet through a gun barrel. My sibling wasn’t a fan of the slides and instead wanted to go relax in the pool plus read.  My younger sister was the social one of the three of us. She was regularly out trying to meet other kids plus make modern friends, whereas my introversion kept me extra keen and satisfied to meander around the park on my own on those random summer time afternoons. It wasn’t until much later that I l gained that one of the leading factors into us going to the water park as kids was the cost of running the air conditioning system at home.  It was far less money to buy us passes to the water park plus turn us loose there every single weekend instead of spending the money on energy costs trying to keep the home extra comfortable where almost everyone isn’t dripping in sweat. My parents enjoyed the water too, admittedly, and it then forced us to appreciate being outdoors when all of us were young opposed to being fixated on tv or kindle screens in the confines of many walls plus a roof. But hey, I’ll take a fun water slide on repeat for hours on end rather than boil with the air conditioning unit barely running at home.

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