Downsizing the a/c equipment

I like my job as an insurance salesman, and I won’t deny that the respectable income is area of the allure. However if you’re living alone, it’s taxing to justify renting a family sized new home no matter your budget.   I have learn on and off about tiny houses fo the past four or five years and have seen countless testimonials from people who took the leap to downsize and raved about the experience. I was in no position to buy property and then purchase a small modular new home to put on that property, but I took some of the exact same logic and realized a small new home in a officially sealed building would be the next best thing.  I would pay a small fraction of what I pay right now to heat and cool the smaller space, plus the advent of living in an new home in a building is that you have the added insulation of other rooms between you and the outside air on up to three to four sides of the whole entire unit. I pay through the roof to heat and cool the several bedroom new home that I live in now. Especially when the intense Summer heat waves set in by late June.  After several weeks in our new new home in this newly put up new home complex near the coast in our city, I am saving so much money between electricity and water that I’m kicking myself for not doing this a little sooner. My Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system gets less wear and tear as a result of the milder use compared to a larger house

HVAC upgrade