Don’t give up the heating and air comforts

Given the economic weather conditions as of today I have had to go without some creature comforts for a few years.  There really isn’t near as much dining out. And if I want a beer, it seems smarter to by a sixer for the same price as just one budweiser at the bar.  My wardrobe is not as costly nor as costly. Clothing costs were one of the first things to get cut. However, there are a few things I do not do without.  Comfort inside our current home is 1 of them. The Heating & A/C component is a prized possession which provides myself and others with the crisp and cool comfort I so need right now.  Now, I have adjusted a bit. I put in a smart control component to manage the Heating & A/C efficiency because it does it far better than I could ever manage. Besides that, I still want it real cool when I come current home from work.  That’s why the other day was so strange. I came home to a muggy, still very warm house. Normally, the smart Heating & A/C control component does a fantastic job of starting to cool of the home before I arrive. Not that day. The control unit was on so I knew that had more than enough power.  I checked the fuse box plus there weren’t any tripped breakers. I could even hear the air handler running. I slowly walked outside to have a look at the condenser. When I opened the cabinet, I saw right away what the problem was. The tubing from the condenser was frozen. So, instantly I figured I was low on cooling or something.  Then, the more I thought about it, I realized something else. The heat pump had been tested prior to the summer. So, I figured there must be a refrigerant leak. I called the Heating & A/C repair guy who came out plus confirmed our suspicions. The heating plus cooling tech repaired the leak quickly. And then, I was back in Heating & A/C heaven.  

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