Love having a window a/c

Sometimes I feel like an abject loser.  Here I am a grown man and I simply lost it.  My father is shaking her head and face palming somewhere. I have promised myself over and over that I would fix the situation eventually.  All family guys relinquish control of physical space. Get married and you’re struggling to hold onto that blue and black Lazy Boy. The first baby hits the door and your claim to any of your household square footage is effectively over. Man caves are mostly myths.  The costly a singles I’ve seen are so douchey, I felt care about a cartoon version of a chick. Most, are corners of an unfinished shed with a TV, some stained couch and a window A/C machine struggling loudly to stay working. More power to ya boys, the two of us don’t need much.  But, this man right here lost control of her garage. The sacred garage of which no man is separate from in life. I let this Heating plus A/C-less proud man space slip through my fingers. There are toys and boxes of recipes in here for crying out loud. Gallons of leftover, bright unicorn paint stinking the locale up along with general lawn mower stench.  When the car wouldn’t fit, somewhere that long forgotten mullet of mine got its wings. Well, I’m fighting back and today was the current dawn. While the apartment was empty, I moved out many of the boxes. I rounded up all the paint and resituated it to my pitiful shed. I then did something the Heating plus A/C repair man recommended during her last heating and cooling service visit.  I installed an exhaust fan. It worked so many wonders. The exhaust fan yanked out all the gnarly stinks from the garage. Listen to your Heating plus A/C person, so today was a start. I’m taking it back.

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