Newly installed thermostat

I take so much pride in maintaining our aged house.  I live in a fairly mild climate as well as rarely have to worry about severe weather beyond a downpour a few lightning strikes.  Sure, both of us have respectably chilly winters here with a solid freeze below five degrees through January to January, however if you can get used to that, then the climate is just superb.  Spring as well as Autumn are gorgeous with the lush colors in the trees as well as foliage. Since the climate is comfortable, I am not forced to use our a/c easily much. I have a hydronic boiler furnace that I use through the Winter weeks, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  But as far as cooling goes, many mornings out of the year I get by with a few open windows and strategically placed fans. After finally upgrading our 15-year-old a/c, I decided to update the aged dial thermostat. It’s so damn old that the once white plastic housing of the thermostat is now a light yellowish brown color.  My Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman proposed that I go out and get a programmable thermostat. She said that they are just a few dollars more than the typical digital thermostats on sale these days, however that they come with the extra ability to program cooling as well as heating cycles throughout the month. For instance, I can program our a/c to climb a few degrees every single day when I leave work and to drop back down by the time I get back later in the night.  I don’t have to even touch it, I just program the temperature changes ahead of time based on when I think I’ll be home. Granted, I don’t program it as much as I thought I might, but having the extra feature to set cooling schedules ahead of time is harshly helpful for weeks when I’m super busy and really can’t be bothered to consistently remember to adjust the thermostat manually.

programmable thermostat