The house stale air quality

My Grandparents have been having trouble staying cool in the recent heat waves barreling down on our small midwestern town.  They live in an seasoned home that was built several decades before any consideration was given to an indoor heating plus cooling unit and in an era when such a thing was a precious thing to come by.  But worse than being a simple afterthought, the eventual Heating plus A/C method they installed was a compromise on every reasonable level. The upgrade professionals had to work around the odd features of the seasoned home and did the best they could with few possibilities available for space, particularly with the ductwork. As a result of this, the air circulation through the whole home while the air conditioning is running is poor.  Whereas current homes have room layouts that incorporate design features for air circulation efficiency, with vents strategically placed in smart areas of the home to facilitate unrestricted airflow, my Grandpa and Grandma had a makeshift ventilation method that was fighting the bizarre design of the interiors of the house, then therefore, after consulting with a business, we decided to install two ceiling fans and then utilize a handful of box fans to manually circulate the air throughout as the A/C is turned on.  I’m hoping that this solution will be enough to service my Grandparents air circulation problem in their seasoned home without need to chop into any walls or make any extravagant repairs to the heating plus cooling system. My Grandparents totally couldn’t afford doing that anyway, so the fans are a necessity at this point.

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