Thinking for yourself

Right now, all across this great country of ours, control units are thinking for themselves for the first time. Not like the Terminator movies, but in a friendlier way. Since they are smart control units, these current units are not just following a preset schedule or turning up the a/c or heat at a certain point. This new generation of smart control units can sense the weather change, adjusting indoor climates accordingly! It is as if your smart control unit can sense that a snowstorm is on the horizon, or maybe your area would be seeing enough rain to warrant cutting the a/c off entirely. It wasn’t needed at that moment in time, so naturally it would cut off! The newer smart control units are constantly sensing the conditions both inside & outside of the building. These current control units track energy usage, and list savings since they are so smart! In fact, these smart control units can even be controlled by their owners’ smartphones & tablets, and can detect the presence of these smart devices. Smart control units are responsive, user-intuitive & yeah, here to stay! Heating, Ventilation & A/C owners who do not have one of these smart control units may see their acquaintance or family members using their smartphone to control their Heating, Ventilation & A/C. They soon become curious or jealous, and want to learn more about smart control units as well as how they can include a smart control unit in their weekly lives! Smart control units can be marketed as an energy-saving enhancement to an existing heating & cooling system, and generally will become the way of the future for all homes and businesses.