Indoor air temperature issues

I thought that I was just messy as a youngster, but it turns out things only get worse with age, and as a grownup, I especially recognize like it’s impossible to keep our house decluttered, however i don’t have a clue what to do with all these accrued belongings, so I usually just try to tuck all my stuff away out of sight. At a certain point, I recognize, it’s time to purge, and that’s exactly why I hosted a huge yard sale last week. I thought I could get rid of some of our own accumulations of things, acquire a quick buck, in addition to clean the house all at once. I didn’t have a clue that people would take “yard sale” so literally. Apparently, that label gives people the impression that all the items in the yard is fair game. This is how our air conditioner device was sold to a random man, in addition to both of us were left with no central cooling method whatsoever, then you understand, I ran out to get more change for the money box, leaving our teenager in charge. It took longer than I thought it would, in addition to when I returned to the sale, I realized pretty abruptly that the house was feeling ridiculously hot in addition to stagnant. I turned down the control device in addition to just went back outside to carry on with the sale, thinking nothing of the A/C situation. At the end of the sale, both of us all packed up in addition to went back inside our home, at which point I found the indoor air temperature to be ungodly hot! Every one of us were all quite baffled in addition to angry, since all both of us wanted was to relax in delightful cool air. That’s when our daughter’s exasperated voice rose above the chatter, stating “If you didn’t want the house to be hot, I don’t have a clue why both of us had the central air conditioner for sale.”