School needs great heating

The school sent a letter home with the youngsters last week, reminding the parents to dress their children in warm clothing for the next month due to the non-functioning heating equipment. The letter reported that the gas furnace has not been working well in the old elementary school for a couple of years, so they finally budgeted for a modern heating unit for the school. That modern gas furnace won’t be installed in time for an upcoming front of freezing cold air, and the modern HVAC method was intended to go in last fall! Of course, the whole HVAC method should have been replaced a few years back! Public schools have a hard time finding money for these repairs though, particularly for county schools. I’ve been at the school multiple times for PTA meetings, and I felt that the temperature settings are truly like! I wasn’t sure if it was because of the age of the building and poor insulation, and thought the complications with temperatures are due to the poor deteriorating structure of the school and the non-functioning HVAC system! Thankfully, the budgeted HVAC improvements are finally coming into being, which is well-deserved by the students and faculty. The schools’ modern heating and cooling method upgrade is projected to be fully completed by next year, which I guess is not too shabby of a timeframe for a county school! Now then, if only the county could improve the temperature controls at my daughter’s school!

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