Wood for my heater

When my brother and his family recently moved out into the country, they had a pretty great home, but my brother was gleeful to show myself and others the place and how it was way out there away from humanity and the people of the world. It made myself and others feel concerned about their heating and cooling devices in the house, especially when he showed myself and others that they had a fireplace and wood burning stove! That’s it for warmth. For cooling, they had a few window cooling system units, which was certainly a step above the wood burning stove. I asked him if he actually felt he could keep up with cutting wood all of the time for the Wintertime season, because I know from experience that it would take a good deal of wood to make it through the entire season for our heating needs! He said it was honestly not a problem, and he would absolutely keep up with it. The following year, after they made it through their first Winter season, he said that I was right all along! Big surprise, it was not easy to handle all that wood cutting! He’s no Paul Bunyan. He asked myself and others about the most reputable HVAC company around, which I immediately provided to him the contact info for the HVAC company the people I was with and I use most often. They are excellent workers, and do a fabulous job at every appointment no matter the priority! He had an HVAC specialist out to his property for a free assessment the next day, and since they didn’t have any HVAC ducts, the HVAC specialist requested a ductless mini-split HVAC system of all things. That has an outdoor unit with a bunch of indoor units working in specified areas of the home, which is a far more energy-efficient approach and doesn’t require worrying about reguarly cleaning HVAC ductwork.