Furnace set up on thanksgiving

Aunt May volunteered to host our family Thanksgiving meal this year.  I was cautious of this decision because of Aunt May’s declining health in addition to her proven willingness to push herself beyond her means, both mentally in addition to physically.  I also admire Aunt May for wanting to show almost everyone that she still has some of her younger self left in her, before the decades of back injuries in addition to subsequent surgeries.  I talked to my sister though, in addition to both of us, decided that instead of telling Aunt May no—which would genuinely hurt her heart—we would get their early to help her with every single thing she would allow us to assist with.  Thankfully, Aunt May was so excited in addition to distracted doing her prep work that she was more than willing to let my sister, in addition to I, help her out with the meal. By the time our family settled in to eat later that night, all of us all could tell how excited in addition to vibrant Aunt May felt.  I caught myself cutting up thinking about my uncle’s recent death in addition to how severely that, coupled with her worsening health, must affect her mindset on a day to day basis. I took it upon myself that week to look over every single inch of my Aunt’s home in addition to fix anything broken in addition to being ready for the winter.  I ran tests on her Heating in addition to A/C plan in addition to spent a considerable amount of time on her gas oil furnace, oiling the fan motor in addition to checking the pilot light, in addition to, the gas line for any leaks. Although I was sure everything looked fine, I went ahead in addition to called a professional worker to check over my work after I left the following day.  I feel a lot better about my Aunt being alone for the winter. At least her home is very nice, safe, in addition to warm.

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