Iced over HVAC

With winter arriving soon, I’m not going to make the same mistake as I made this summer.  Last summer, I forgot to have my maintenance and inspection done on the air conditioner. This fall, I will be having the  maintenance and inspection done on my furnace, well before the snow begins to fly. You see, my forgetfulness cost me a lot  more money than if I had just had the maintenance done. The HVAC tech told me that I wouldn’t have had to pay anything for this repair, if I had my maintenance done.  The thing is, that I couldn’t even remember when I last had my maintenance done on the AC unit. I just know that it was not comfortable when I got home from work that day.  It was downright hot in my house. I looked at the thermostat, and it was working. I looked into the AC unit, and I knew I had a problem. There was ice inside the unit, and I was able to see it through the little slats in the front.  I called the HVAC company and I asked them to come and look at my Ac unit. I told them I could see ice inside. When he arrived, he asked if I had the maintenance done on the AC. He made me a bit uncomfortable when I told him that I couldn’t remember having any maintenance done on the AC, ever.  He went ahead and fixed the AC, and he changed the air filters. While admonishing me. He left pamphlets on the table, that talked about a Smart Thermostat and how it gives reminders to have the HVAC serviced.

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