A nicer smart thermostat

When I noticed that we were getting some really unsteady temperatures in several of the rooms in our home, I knew we were going to have to change something.  I hate having to spend money on construction, but this seemed like it was going to be a necessity. I had already been thinking about upgrading our thermostat, but I wasn’t sure what kind of upgrade I wanted to do.  I called the HVAC company and I asked for their opinion. The HVAC specialist showed up at our home, and he did a thorough inspection of our HVAC system and our home. He recommended we may want to try a Smart Thermostat.  With the Smart Thermostat, we could monitor all of the rooms of our home. I told him I wanted to look into the Smart Thermostat, more closely, before making a decision. I guess it made sense that since we were living in the age of computer, there would be a thermostat that could be controlled with the computer or with the Smartphone.  I wanted to know if the Smart Thermostat did anything other control the temperature in the house. I didn’t want to spend that much money on a thermostat if that was all it did. I found out that I could check the weather for up a week away. I found out that I could check our energy readings from anywhere in the world, that is, if they have WiFi in that area.  I can even be notified by SMS if there is a problem with the HVAC. Now I just need to know what SMS is.

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