replacing a part on the furnace

Last winter, we had quite the cold snap.  We ended up spending nearly two weeks in subzero temperatures.  We knew it was hard on our furnace. My wife commented on how the furnace seemed to be stumbling at times when it was trying to ignite.  I didn’t want the furnace to break down completely with these temperatures, so I called the HVAC company and requested an inspection of my furnace.  Three days later, the HVAC technician showed up. He told us that we needed a new flame sensor. The flame sensor is a small component that tells the furnace when it should create the flame and light.  The HVAC tech gave us an estimate of scope of work and for the new flame sensor. I told him thank you, but I wanted to get another estimate. After he left, I went online to see what I could find about flame sensors.  I found a flame sensor that was half of the cost on the estimate. After watching some videos on how to change the flame sensor, I was positive that I could do the work, with little difficulty. I ordered the flame sensor, and I saw where they sent instruction on how to replace the sensor and they even sent a video.  It took me half the time the HVAC technician had quoted for the work. My wife and I saved nearly $200 because I was able to replace the flame sensor in the furnace, without the help of the HVAC company. I think I’ll have to look into doing my own inspections.

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