Great duct cleaning

My husband and I were on a roadtrip when we spied this old farmhouse standing in the middle of a field.  The property was for sale, and the sign said the farmhouse came with twenty-five acres of plowable fields and five acres of fruit trees.  I called the number from my cell phone, and we were both amazed at the low price. We told them to send a realtor out and while we waited, we looked through the house.  The structure itself was amazing, and we saw possibilities that it could be stunning. No one had lived in the house for at least twenty years, and the roof needed replaced.  The residents that were there now, was leaving a stinky mess, and we knew that would be our next step, to evict the residents, as soon as the roof was replaced. We bought the house that same day and went right to work.  Once the roof was totally redone, we had the contractor put in all new windows, doors and to find someone to do the new shingles that we wanted. We then called the HVAC duct cleaning specialists. We wanted them to inspect the ductwork, and hopefully seal, clean and sanitize the ductwork.  Once that was done, we would install the HVAC system. They were surprised to be able to tell us the ductwork was in really good shape. A week later, we ordered our HVAC system for the house, and the cleaning was on the way. It was going to take a couple months, but we knew how gorgeous our new home was going to be.

ductwork cleaning