I raised a respectful young man

I don’t really know what’s going on with me these past few days, but I used to be sharp as a tack. This has changed over the years. I oftentimes space out and can’t remember what I was actually supposed to be doing. I often misplace things and then I can’t find them anywhere to save my life! Sometimes I’ll be looking for something for a long time and then discover that the thing I was looking for was already in my own hand! One thing that has been terrible lately is our Heating and A/C system maintenance. I used to always be on top of the air filter changes  and stuff like that, but now I keep forgetting to do that! When our child comes over to visit with me, he’ll always remind me of things like that that I need to do and then he will ask me when was the last time I called for Heating and A/C proposal repair and maintenance. I swear if it weren’t for him, our Heating and A/C proposal would likely be dead at this point in time. My memory concerns only seem to be getting worse and this was honestly concerning to my son. Recently he told me that he wanted to get me enrolled into a Heating and A/C proposal repair plan, so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about remembering the Heating and A/C proposal repair appointments. And this way, they would call me for the appointments and come out to our house on a schedule. He also wanted to have an air purification proposal installed in our household so that I would have excellent air quality in the house. I couldn’t complain if he was going to pay for everything as he offered to. I honestly am so proud of our child for taking care of me, but he always reminds me that I am the one who taught him to respect his elders and to be kind to other people.

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