Leaky cooling unit

I can’t get enough of my animals. I have two dogs, as well as one is old enough to be incontinent on occasion. She can’t help it, she occasionally wets the couch if she is unable to get down off the spot she lays on in time! Recently, I sat on my sofa as well as noticed it was wet. Seeing as how the dog had accidents before, I suspected my dog had soiled the furniture. I observed the wet patch, which was slowly getting damper. It was worse than I suspected; my window cooling system was for some reason leaking inside the house. The cooling system was positioned in the den window over the loveseat, as well as was dampening the furniture with periodic big old drops coming from far up the power cord. I unplugged the window a/c unit, as well as with the assistance of a friend, brought the cooling system outside to examine. I could observe from peering through the slots that it was filled with dirt as well as pine needles from the trees in the yard. These obstacles were stopping up the drain hole as well as pushing water to the front of the unit where that water would leak inside the house, and all of us removed the outer casing of the cooling system with a couple of tools as well as hosed down the inside until the grime, leaves, and dead bugs were gone, however once the top casing was reassembled, my friend helped me put the cooling system back in the den window. I turned it on as well as just observed and hung around for some time as the room cooled back off, all the while seeing the power cord to see if it would drip water again. Finally I was satisfied that the problem was fixed, as well as I was so thrilled, and by catching that when I did, I averted a near difficulty. The water as well as mildew would have cost a fortune to repair.

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