My thermostat is totally busted

Who can job with a faulty temperature control? Not me, not anymore. I did for a while a few years ago. Not by choice. The establishment I was now working at was experiencing electric troubles, as well as the temperature control was on the fritz, if not completely broken, then every day, at any given time, the actual thermostat reading in each room would differ by a big amount. One room would be like an ice box, while a room at the other end of the hall was maybe 10 degrees warmer. There was no reliable and useful regulation of temperature anywhere in the whole stupid building. The employees were almost in a battle over the temperature control. One person would set it to a temperature to make their office cooler. Right away, someone else would change it to make their office warmer. And they all were getting sick from the sudden temperature ups and downs they suffered through yearly. It was enough to make me sick, as well as I didn’t have the ability to take time off. What the property supervisor needed to do was get a Heating as well as A/C service shop come on a service call as well as repair the problem properly and without delay. Instead, he did nothing to resolve the situation, as well as everyone tried different things to avoid the misery. Some tried to transfer into other available rooms that weren’t super chilly or super hot, while some employees resigned from their posts. I changed works myself because I could never get comfortable, as well as I was otherwise satisfied with that work. But the next location I went to has a great HVAC system and I can concentrate without the broken thermostat. I do my job well, although I can’t be reliable when the a/c makes me sick.

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