Painting with the HVAC on

Let me tell you, I discovered that I am not an HVAC repairman. The other day I was painting my office and it suddenly began to get warmer than it should have been when I realized the HVAC system had gone off. It had been a while since I got my HVAC unit worked on. I was trying to save cash. Well, saving money on maintenance turned into quite an expensive problem later on. I will never do it again! I turned the unit off, waited a moment and then turned it back on, but still it did not work. It was quite the hot day and my house was getting hotter as I continued to try to fix things myself to avoid paying. I then looked at the breaker box to check and everything was working fine there. I checked every single component I could, even taking the cover off things to see if I could fix my heating and air system, even though I knew I should just get the help of an HVAC repairman, but I was determined to save cash. After three hours of trying to fix things myself I finally relented and called a local HVAC company. They sent someone out quickly and after a very short inspection they delivered the news me – a new HVAC was needed as the old one went a decade without maintenance! They were surprised the unit lasted a decade! It took three long days and a few thousand dollars to take care of getting a new unit. I was sure to sign up for the maintenance with the HVAC service company that replaced the new HVAC unit. I will never try to save money cutting corners again, especially when it comes to my HVAC system!

HVAC professional