Investing in a good air system

I never thought that I’d invest in an a/c for my house. In the area where I live, the winter weather is the most extreme. The temperature usually drops dramatically in September, and requires running the furnace until around April.  The summer season is typically mild, but we sometimes get temperatures in the low nineties and a wave of humidity. I really didn’t want to spend the money to purchase and install an a/c I’d only need for a few weeks out of the year.  I assumed I could easily take care of the heat and humidity with portable air conditioners, box fans and some cracked windows. Unfortunately, the open windows allow various things like pollen, exhaust fumes, dust and bugs into my home.  They also pose a security risk. The box fans are ugly, noisy, and blow dust. I hate having extension cords going across the floor. The portable air conditioners are tough to install and remove from the windows, and then stow away throughout the winter.  The air conditioners eliminate the view from the window and look bad. When there was a discount on central cooling from my local HVAC contractor, I took them up on the upgrade. I had no idea how much air conditioning would improve my enjoyment of my home and my family’s enjoyment of life. The house is not only pleasant and cool, but stays far cleaner.  We all sleep tight at night, feel more energy throughout the day, and suffer from fewer colds. I spent a bit more to take advantage of a higher SEER rating, so the air conditioner is particularly energy efficient.

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