I really don’t want these problems

My kid had to attend a contractor conference this week, but it was a few hours from home, so she took an early flight, she asked myself and others to keep the grand ladies all week, so her fiance didn’t need to hire a nanny. I agreed happily, anticipating the fun the people I was with and I would have all week. I forgot how much energy the ladies have these mornings, and my multiple grand ladies are 5 plus 1 years of age, they have more energy than a bottle of Mountain Dew. I have been on our toes. The little 1 just started to walk, plus he has been rummaging through everything! Yesterday, the baby got sick. It has been downhill since that moment. I am so afraid to get the flu. I made our partner go to the hardware store to buy an UV air purifier. I put the UV air purifier in the medical professionals, where the kids are sleeping. I hope the UV air purifier will help get rid of the germs in the air; Between dirty diapers plus runny noses, the entryway odors prefer a hospital waiting room. The pediatrician also recommended a humidifier for the entryway… Lucky, the people I was with and I still had 1 from the 1990’s. The humidifier still worked great, even if it looked seasoned plus decrepit. The two of us located some eucalyptus drops inside the water. The humidifier plus UV air purifier have entirely helped with the air quality in the medical professionals. I hope the kids will beginning to suppose better in the next few mornings. I want to take them to park, before they go apartment at the end of the week.

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